Re-seller version of Image Maker is customised for companies who are helping individuals setup their sublimation / uv printing business; it is also for companies who are providing total setups in terms of hardwarde solutions.

Re-seller is a very profitable platform. Apart from profit, our clients gets an identity of a tech company as Image Maker branding is no where displayed, infact the client can brand his/her companies name onto the software, or we can say Image Maker Re-seller software, is a white label software.

Image Maker has many Re-sellers all across India and other countries.

There are tons of benefits of become Re-seller of Image Maker:-

  • Image Maker is the leader in providing business solution for Sublimation & UV Printing Business, hence you are backed by the best in the industry
  • As the software is white labelled, you can brand your own company.
  • Your customers get all in 1 solution - hardward + software solution
  • You decide yourself whether you want to sell Unlimited version OR SKU based to any particular client
  • You pay once for Re-seller - everytime you recharge for a client, that profit if yours.
  • Image Maker is a fully tested software - so you don't have to worry about bugs etc.
  • We back you up whenever required, our technical team will be just a call away

With lot of more benefits Image Maker Re-seller is a win win situation. To enquire further please drop us e-mail on